Monday, May 30, 2011

UR Sense Of Beauty

Holla everyone! prnah x one day tu korang trasa cam nk amik kamera,konon choose the most beautiful dress up then plus with the most perfect shawl(wlupun x iron,haha..) juz for taking the pict n posing2 gitu..?so,this week im doing that crazy things wit some pict mcm ugly betty..hehe..actually,those pict for my opening project yg ktorg namakn UR Sense Of Beauty...lets those pict tell u the story~

nOw,let we talks bout this new things
     ::UR Sense Of Beauty::  --> UR stands for umi n ruby,which ruby adlh my adik..sense of beauty is about UR image,UR style,UR make up,UR personality n also UR inner beauty..every style that we made is based from our own style,own makeup,our own editing n our own photographer(myself n ruby)  so conclusion : we r image consultant  =)

    Beauty is a subjective things...sume mnusia yg Allah swt jd kn d muka bumi ni adlh cantik..but ingt,scantik mana pun luaran kte tapi yg hnya kekal adlh kecantikan dalaman..stiap mnusia ada their own inner beauty,we juz have to find it n make it natural..maksudnye,jgn trlalu over nk show off...riak n takbur itu adlh slh stu sifat trkeji,kn dosa namanye..everything that u made,must come from ur heart  (^_^)   buat apa ada rupa yg cantik,suara yg merdu,kulit yg halus tapi hati busuk,mulut pnuh umpatan keji n fitnah n hati penuh hasad dengki n cemburu...

    So our project ni nk tnjukkan kat sume org yg everyone can b pretty,beautiful,adorable like a ur own inner beauty but remember everything must come from UR heart..everyone have their own personality,find it,searching for it...

                                         kesucian hati melahirkn sifat yg trpuji

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